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VividCharts takes the leg work out of program status reporting.
Solution Overview


We wish we could help you with the age old question - is it a program or a portfolio? While we can’t (or won’t) argue the philosophy of a program with you here, we can help you roll up your project records in a streamlined, impactful way.

VividCharts operational reporting platform integrates seamlessly with your ServiceNow SPM instance and offers a broad range of out-of-the-box templates that require zero coding to get started.

VividCharts Benefits

Control which projects to bundle into program reporting

Automate your program status slide deck creation by building a template once and then utilizing with live data in-platform forever

Abstract illustration of VividCharts' Program Status report.
AOR Foundations

The 3 D's of Program Status



Reporting can serve as the reward for good data quality - the burden of keeping your project record data complete and current is already time-consuming, so why shouldn’t program reporting be automated once that’s done?

You shouldn’t have to rely on manual manipulation of data external to ServiceNow as a key component of your critical program reporting.



The VividCharts platform is so agile you’ll be able to drag, drop, design, and edit your templates until that program is defined exactly how you want your stakeholders to see it - no need to recreate each week either, it will stay just as you set it and pull live data in real-time.

And remember, choosing the right report format and company branding is just as important as what information you choose to show - but these things shouldn’t be the most time consuming part of your reporting process.



We know enterprise level organizations utilizing ServiceNow for PMO work often have multiple PMOs and steering committees in various focus areas.

When your program report delivery is automated, you can curate sets of projects and programs for each stakeholder group, ensuring recipients only receive the data important to them.

The best part? Setup these curated program views once and then utilize forever with live data.

AOR Foundations

Best-in-class report design with VividCharts

Expanded data visualizations

Chart styles and designs not available out-of-the-box with your ServiceNow instance.

Full aesthetic control

Our flexible slide editor UI enables you to add company branding, customer logos and so much more.

Optimized report design

Allow your report builders to decide what data/tables to show and how to format slide information to best suit report consumers.
AOR Foundations

Meet stakeholders where they are with flexible delivery options

This is an important tenet of any good ServiceNow reporting program.

VividCharts enables several delivery options that require zero additional manipulation of slides or data in external platforms, including: directing stakeholders to live dashboards in ServiceNow, exporting high-fidelity PowerPoints and automated email push alerts!

Unleash the power of agile ServiceNow reporting!

We'd love to show you how you can save time and automate your operational reporting. Schedule a time for a personalized demo or check out our VividHub to explore on your own!