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Leverage your live ServiceNow data in-platform by implementing VividCharts’ proprietary reporting platform.

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The VividCharts Difference

An adaptive automated operational reporting platform

Streamlined user interface

Automated slide decks with live data

Intuitive design control

Advanced charting capabilities

Finally, a ServiceNow reporting platform that offers all the design flexibility and chart options of a traditional reporting tool.

And because VividCharts is native to your ServiceNow instance, you’ll never have to export data to manipulate in another reporting platform ever again!

Discover the only ServiceNow reporting platform that is easy to learn, intuitive to use and allows for true automation of your most critical business reports.


High level platform features

With VividCharts, you will gain access to all of these benefits directly on your ServiceNow instance.

Instinctive Slide Editor

An in-platform slide editor that lets you automate your most complex report presentations.

Polished Viewer Experience

Allows you to present branded, high-quality dashboards and slide decks to your teammates and leadership directly in ServiceNow.

Curated Collections

Summaries of records that need to be presented in the same way, all in an easy-to-digest tile format.

Tailored Reports

Categorize the types of reports you need for different stakeholders, leveraging the right tools for each.

Process-specific Chart Library

Unlock an expansive chart library, with specific chart types for different ServiceNow modules.

High-fidelity Exports

Sometimes you need a high fidelity PPT or PDF export. For those stakeholders who refuse to try new things!

The Three Types of AOR

Advanced dashboards

VividCharts levels up your in-platform dashboards with expanded chart libraries and formats not available with out-of-the-box reporting.

Non-technical users are able to build curated summary views without the help of a developer, meaning you’ll never need a middle man interpreting your data.

Slide deck automation

VividCharts is the only in-platform ServiceNow reporting tool with a slide editor user interface.

You’ll never have to export or screenshot data just to reformat in PowerPoint ever again.

Need 3 different versions of the steering committee deck every month? Build the slide templates once and then utilize with live data, on-demand forever.

Scaled report generation

VividCharts enables you to standardize your most important ServiceNow business reports by creating templates.

SPM status reporting, MSP QBRs, incident reports, demand reviews, CAB meetings and more can be controlled, automated and streamlined.

Think of all the resource hours your organization will save on reporting every year!


We're always innovating


We are always iterating on the VividCharts platform to ensure we meet the needs of our current and future customers.


We have a full staff of developers who specialize in making high-value updates to the platform on a regular cadence.


Our customers know their feedback is priceless and we are always striving to delight them with new features and chart types.
The solution

Leverage your rich live data directly in-platform with Vividcharts

VividCharts’ proprietary in-platform editor allow non-technical users full control over creating operational reports templates inside ServiceNow, so your data is always live, on-demand and accurate without having to go elsewhere.


SPM Suite

Designed for PMOs leveraging ServiceNow.

Unlocks automated templates for project, program and portfolio status updates, demand review reporting and more!

Features an expanded chart library specific to PMO use cases.


ITSM Suite

Enables streamlined and automated IT operations reporting.

Features automated templates for incident and problem reporting, CAB meeting overviews and more!

Curates summary views of multiple records in a stakeholder-pleasing format.


MSP Suite

Automates client QBRs and internal reporting for MSPs leveraging ServiceNow

Features full aesthetic control of slide decks created with live data

Allows MSPs to scale clientele without adding a critical reporting burden to account managers

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What is Automated Operational Reporting?

Automated Operational Reporting

What is Automated Operational Reporting?

Operational reports are key to understanding how different areas of the business are performing against set KPIs. For stakeholders who don’t live in ServiceNow, they are reliant on a person (or persons) to extract data and manipulate it into a digestible format, typically on a cadence of once a month. It is essentially a very cumbersome game of telephone.

If that doesn’t sound very efficient to you, we 100% agree.

When you automate your ServiceNow operational reporting by utilizing a tool in-platform, your reports will always be live and on-demand. Build your report templates once and then scale by applying that template to as many records as you want.

Even non-technical users will be able to access live ServiceNow data, formatted to be easily digested and actionable. No more waiting for the monthly report-out to review data that is already stale!

Unleash the power of agile ServiceNow reporting!

We'd love to show you how you can save time and automate your operational reporting. Schedule a time for a personalized demo or check out our VividHub to explore on your own!