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Create more time to enable results oriented work!

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Pain Point

ServiceNow is a powerful platform, vast and overwhelming

You spend the time, resources and investment to stand up an instance, train users, integrate your critical workflows and then go live.

Customers (especially enterprises with large data sets and user bases) realize post go-live that ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box reporting can’t accomplish what their tried and true operational reporting platforms do - full aesthetic control, expansive chart libraries and the ability to create easy-to-digest slide decks. 

Pain Point

Your resources are wasting time manually creating reports

Who is taking data from ServiceNow and copying/pasting into Excel, PowerPoint and other tools? Likely your highly trained and extremely valuable ServiceNow admins, developers and project managers.

Shouldn’t they be driving results for the business instead of spending their precious time wrangling data?

The solution

Leverage your rich live data directly in-platform with VividCharts

VividCharts’ proprietary in-platform editor allow non-technical users full control over creating operational reports templates inside ServiceNow, so your data is always live, on-demand and accurate without having to go elsewhere.


SPM Suite

Designed for PMOs leveraging ServiceNow.

Unlocks automated templates for project, program and portfolio status updates, demand review reporting and more!

Features an expanded chart library specific to PMO use cases.


ITSM Suite

Enables streamlined and automated IT operations reporting.

Features automated templates for incident and problem reporting, CAB meeting overviews and more!

Curates summary views of multiple records in a stakeholder-pleasing format.


MSP Suite

Automates client QBRs and internal reporting for MSPs leveraging ServiceNow

Features full aesthetic control of slide decks created with live data

Allows MSPs to scale clientele without adding a critical reporting burden to account managers

The Difference is Clear

Don't end up with reporting tools that fall short of a full solution!


Save thousands of hours annually wasted on manual reporting

Facilitate agile planning and resource allocation with always-live data.

Scale IT operations quickly with less administrative work.

Protect ServiceNow investment by incentivizing data quality and user adoption.

by automating 50 manual reports that require 1 hour each to be made, with a weekly report cadence and a resource cost of $100 per hour.


What is Automated Operational Reporting?

Automated Operational Reporting

What is Automated Operational Reporting?

Operational reports are key to understanding how different areas of the business are performing against set KPIs. For stakeholders who don’t live in ServiceNow, they are reliant on a person (or persons) to extract data and manipulate it into a digestible format, typically on a cadence of once a month. It is essentially a very cumbersome game of telephone.

If that doesn’t sound very efficient to you, we 100% agree.

When you automate your ServiceNow operational reporting by utilizing a tool in-platform, your reports will always be live and on-demand. Build your report templates once and then scale by applying that template to as many records as you want.

Even non-technical users will be able to access live ServiceNow data, formatted to be easily digested and actionable. No more waiting for the monthly report-out to review data that is already stale!

Unleash the power of agile ServiceNow reporting!

We'd love to show you how you can save time and automate your operational reporting. Schedule a time for a personalized demo or check out our VividHub to explore on your own!