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Don't confuse analytics with operational reporting.

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Screenshot of the VividCharts freeform editor similar to PowerPoint in ServiceNow
Old Ways of ServiceNow Reporting

Export to PowerBI and Tableau

Manually manipulate data in Excel and PowerPoint

Build and maintain complex integrations

Detracts from platform adoption

VividCharts' In-Platform Reporting

No exporting of data outside of ServiceNow

Always live, automated reports

No external integrations required

Incentivizes platform adoption

“VividCharts gave us an opportunity to build a comprehensive status report and to look at everything in ServiceNow as a data element that can be captured, configured and presented in a visually pleasing and branded way for Teradata.”

Christina Williams
PMO Director - Information Technology & Procurement

"The interface is amazing and the support is top notch. The support site is clear and easy to understand."

ServiceNow Services Partner

"Since implementing VividCharts we have seen a steady growth in Customer self-service. VividCharts has reduced requests to the Service Desk for status updates, decreasing unsanctionable effort."

Eleanor Pena
Director of Service Management
Technology Provider

"VividCharts is allowing us to publish beautiful real-time dashboards and presentations in ServiceNow. This is saving us significant energy extracting the data just to make it pretty for executive presentations while at the same time allowing us to have up to date information whenever it is requested."

ServiceNow Development Lead
Major US Airline

Features you won't find anywhere else.

The new and improved in-platform ServiceNow reporting platform from VividCharts. Our Data Engagement Platform puts stunning ServiceNow data visualization on the map and at your fingertips.

Native to ServiceNow

No more exporting your data to external tools - manage your ServiceNow reporting in-platform.

Freeform Editor

We built our UI to feel like a PowerPoint slide editor so you can be a power user in no time.

Easily Branded

Don't settle for plain, ugly reporting - add your company colors once and set your template.

Polished Viewer

Report out with live data at a moment's notice with our in-platform report and dashboard viewer.

Export to PowerPoint

When you must have a hard file you can download one that looks just as good as it does in our platform.

Screenshot of the VividCharts freeform editor similar to PowerPoint in ServiceNow

Backed by ServiceNow

ServiceNow Ventures is one of VividCharts' investors, providing us with unique and extended partnership.

Logo of ServiceNow who invested in VividCharts

ServiceNow Partner

VividCharts is an Elite Technology Partner of ServiceNow's and can be found in the ServiceNow Store.

ServiceNow Elite Partner badge that VividCharts received

Dedicated to Reporting

VividCharts is dedicated to solving the reporting problems that exist for ServiceNow customers.

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