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VividCharts offers in-platform, automated operational reporting (AOR) for enterprise-level organizations leveraging ServiceNow.

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VividCharts gave us an opportunity to look at everything in ServiceNow as a data element that can be captured, configured and presented in a visually pleasing and branded way.

Christina Williams

PMO Director - Information Technology & Procurement

Data Integrity

97% of ServiceNow customers are pulling data out of the platform

This creates 1,000s of wasted resource hours manually manipulating data in external platforms or utilizing internal BI developers to create complex code that needs to be updated each time a change is requested.

The solution

Get the most out of your ServiceNow investment with VividCharts

1 — User satisfaction

Increase your ServiceNow user adoption

When you incentivize users to seek and build their reporting in ServiceNow, you will inherently increase your user satisfaction and adoption of the platform.

By implementing AOR and fully leveraging the power of your ServiceNow data, you make it unnecessary for users to spend time in another platform.

2 — Availability

Data transparency for all stakeholders

When your operational reports are always live and on-demand, you remove middle men from the value chain of your data operations architecture.

This freedom of information will allow the organization to easily assess KPIs and operational metrics, accelerating decision-making at all levels of the business.

3 — Adaptability

Enable agile strategic planning

The traditional annual planning model is no longer desirable or recommended.

If you wait until your fiscal year ends to pivot based on findings from stale, cumbersome operational reporting, you will be left behind by your competitors.

Old ways of ServiceNow reporting


Export data to PowerBI and Tableau


Manually Manipulate data in Excel and Powerpoint


Build and maintain complex integrations


Detracts from platform adoption

The new way of ServiceNow reporting

Bring innovation to ServiceNow with VividCharts’ In-Platform AOR

Works natively within ServiceNow

Create slide decks with live data in-platform

No external integrations required
Automated dashboards and reports
Incentivizes ServiceNow platform adoption

Works natively within ServiceNow

Create slide decks with live data in-platform

No external integrations required
Automated dashboards and reports
Incentivizes ServiceNow platform adoption

A solution that matches your organization’s needs

VividCharts offers different software suites that adapt and accelerate your workflow, saving hours of manual effort.

Interested in how these solutions work?


SPM Suite

Designed for PMOs leveraging ServiceNow. Automate status reporting, demand review reporting and more!


ITSM Suite

Designed for IT operations organizations leveraging ServiceNow. Automate incident, problem and change reporting.


MSP Suite

Designed for MSPs leveraging ServiceNow. Automate QBRs and scale your client base.



Do you regularly dump ServiceNow data into Excel for manual KPI calculation?


Introducing ServiceNow’s only in-platform KPI calculator - VividSheets is free for download in the ServiceNow store. Calculate data across tables and automate your KPIs to prep for regular reporting and visualizations, directly in ServiceNow.

We turn customers into raving fans

With 5 stars on the ServiceNow store, this is how our users describe us:

Easy to use
Rapidly improving

Andrew Strakis

Chrous Global Ltd.

5 filled in teal stars denoting 5-star rating.
The onboarding process has been easy. Good communication and engagement to help us get up and running. The product produces professional looking reports when you get to grips with it.

There have been regular releases with enhancements and bug fixes, good to see the team regularly improving the experience.

What is Automated Operational Reporting?

Automated Operational Reporting

  • Show what’s happening or has happened
  • Organize & present data in a way that’s easy to consume
  • Track business data at periodic intervals
  • End product is pushed to users for consumption

Analytics Tools

  • Allow you to question, interpret & explore
  • Explain why something might be happenin
  • Gather insights for data enabled decision-making
  • End users pull data to answer questions

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