Get Ahead of Forced Report Migration to Platform Analytics

Now is the time to take control of your ServiceNow reporting strategy

Countdown to Forced Migration

Introducing Report Audit Services by VividCharts

ServiceNow is forcing you to migrate to Platform Analytics in Q4 2025

  • The new reporting experience will be a good thing, but it will be a long road. The way you have been reporting and dashboarding is going out the window with Platform Analytics.
  • This is a perfect opportunity to assess your current reporting environment along with your reporting strategy. 
  • Current reporting workflows will be broken unless you manage your migration in a thoughtful and organized way, well prior to the mandatory migration date. 
  • You will need to train both report builders and consumers on the new platform so you don’t lose valuable time rebuilding reports post-transition.

Audit First

Audit your ServiceNow reporting environment before trying to plan

  • Auditing your reporting can be cumbersome and confusing. VividCharts Advisory now offers ServiceNow Reporting Audits to guide you through the process.
  • Begin your migration efforts by getting a clear picture of who is building reports, who is consuming them and the scope of your transition to Platform Analytics.
  • Get constant access to our Reporting Audit App and a VividCharts reporting SME to help clarify results and offer recommendations for your long-term reporting strategy.
  • Take advantage of this transition to clean up your ServiceNow reports and data outputs - we can help you think through reporting SOPs and best practices.

Capture the Moment

Turn this forced migration into an opportunity to deliver a world-class reporting experience for your business

01. Get Ahead of Schedule

The migration will become a fire drill for most customers. But it won't be for you!

04. Set and Enforce Standards

Address how you will set and enforce your reporting and dashboarding standards aligned to your reporting strategy as part of the migration.

02. Solidify Strategy

What is your current reporting strategy? Is it going to plan? Now is the time to fine tune your ServiceNow reporting strategy.

05. Improve Instance Performance

While you are forced to migrate, that doesn’t mean you need to bring everything with you. Leave slow or unused reports behind.

03. Get Everyone Aligned

You are going to have to communicate with all of your report builders AND consumers anyways. Use this as an opportunity to educate on your reporting strategy. 

06. Start planning NOW!

If you are reading this now, you have an opportunity to thoughtfully plan. The longer you wait, the more painful this migration process will be. Get it on your roadmap today.

Reporting Audit Details

How the VividCharts Advisory Reporting Audit works

  • You are a ServiceNow customer with a production cloud environment of ServiceNow.
  • You have reports and dashboards built in your instance that are regularly accessed.
  • Your system administrator has a solid understanding of ServiceNow reporting and your organization’s change management process.
  • Process your current reporting through our Reporting Audit App.
  • +30-point inspection of your ServiceNow reporting.
  • SME-led recommendations presentation for stakeholders.
  • Access to our Platform Analytics migration educational resources.
  • Ongoing access to Reporting Audit App complete with user guide. 
Pricing & Timeline
  • Flat rate of $9,750
  • With engaged resources on board, the audit process can be delivered inside 2 weeks from the date of the first touchpoint. 

Audit Process

Low effort on your part, high impact on your business

Reach out to VividCharts today to begin your reporting audit.

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