Standardize & scale your client QBRs

A ServiceNow reporting playbook for client business reviews.
Solution Overview


We get it, you have a lot of managed services clients. And when time is tight, you have to prioritize ServiceNow reporting for those big, strategic customers.

But what if you could automate report formatting for your ServiceNow business reports and scale those reports to accommodate all of your customers?

VividCharts allows you to build summaries and reports that are filtered by company to effortlessly create business reports for all your clients. Varying reporting cadences are easy to navigate when all your QBRs can be instantly generated at a moment’s notice.

‍Set the standard format for your client reporting and then replicate it at scale - ensuring that clients get the same reporting experience no matter who their account manager is!

VividCharts Benefits

Stunning presentations that are branded for your customers, in-platform

Access to expanded data visualizations to enable better storytelling

AOR Foundations

The 3 D's of MSP



Managed Service Providers leveraging ServiceNow are inherently data rich. And the more clients you take on, the more that data gets overwhelming to manage.

When you add the complexity of pulling data out of the platform to manipulate and curate into meaningful reporting - for each and every client - you’ll find that scaling to acquire more customers becomes increasingly difficult.



VividCharts enables even non-technical users to build impactful presentations with live data right inside ServiceNow.

And because reports live in-platform with real-time data, your account managers only have to build QBRs for each client once.

With all the reporting time regained by your account managers, you can easily scale your customer count with the same staff you have today!



We know that even if you have regular reporting cadences with your clients, there are inevitably times when reporting is requested off schedule.

Because client presentations are built with live data in VividCharts, those report requests can be accommodated without extra effort. Simply export to PowerPoint or PDF and fire off an email to the stakeholders in question. 

It’s as simple as that.

AOR Foundations

Best-in-class report design with VividCharts

Expanded data visualizations

Chart styles and designs not available out-of-the-box with your ServiceNow instance.

Full aesthetic control

Our flexible slide editor UI enables you to add company branding, customer logos and so much more.

Optimized report design

Allow your report builders to decide what data/tables to show and how to format slide information to best suit report consumers.
AOR Foundations

Meet stakeholders where they are with flexible delivery options

This is an important tenet of any good ServiceNow reporting program.

VividCharts enables several delivery options that require zero additional manipulation of slides or data in external platforms, including: directing stakeholders to live dashboards in ServiceNow, exporting high-fidelity PowerPoints and automated email push alerts!

Unleash the power of agile ServiceNow reporting!

We'd love to show you how you can save time and automate your operational reporting. Schedule a time for a personalized demo or check out our VividHub to explore on your own!