ITSM - Change management

Drive transparency in the CAB process

Streamline change reporting with live ServiceNow data.
Solution Overview


Change practitioners who spend more time updating stakeholders than managing the change process - we see you and we want to help!

We know that all stakeholders believe their change is of utmost importance - and they want to have transparency into how and why priorities are set.

We also know that it’s hard to rollup change metrics and failures for continuous improvement and executive visibility into the current change process - VividCharts makes it easy to measure and report out on change failures in a digestible format.

What makes VividCharts unique is that we keep your data where you want it - in ServiceNow. Stakeholders at all levels of the organization will love the convenience, clarity and standardization of a VividCharts CAB reporting cadence.

VividCharts Benefits

Standardize your change reporting in-platform

Drive change process transparency for decision makers

AOR Foundations

The 3 D's of Change Management



Do change requests get dumped into your ServiceNow instance and then lose their visibility?

VividCharts is the go-to data visualization tool for enterprise companies leveraging ServiceNow. Our platform sits on top of your ServiceNow instance and gives you curated views of your data live, on-demand.

So now change requests can be pulled into easy-to-digest reporting that is available to all change stakeholders.



We know that the CAB process is unique to each organization. A one size fits all approach to change reporting will rarely satisfy everyone’s needs.

And what about all the requesters who don’t participate directly in the change process? They need to see their requests formatted in a way that drives transparency.

That is, unless your change managers love getting 100 Slack messages a day asking for updates.

VividCharts allows you to design your change reporting to meet the needs of everyone involved in the change process. Build it and they will come!



Allowing for in-platform reporting with your ServiceNow change data increases efficiency and ensures even non-technical stakeholders can see change reporting with live ServiceNow data.

Never spend previous time sending one-off updates to stakeholders off platform ever again!

While your data is always live, you can easily export your reports to PowerPoint or PDF for seamless distribution with the click of a button.

AOR Foundations

Best-in-class report design with VividCharts

Expanded data visualizations

Chart styles and designs not available out-of-the-box with your ServiceNow instance.

Full aesthetic control

Our flexible slide editor UI enables you to add company branding, customer logos and so much more.

Optimized report design

Allow your report builders to decide what data/tables to show and how to format slide information to best suit report consumers.
AOR Foundations

Meet stakeholders where they are with flexible delivery options

This is an important tenet of any good ServiceNow reporting program.

VividCharts enables several delivery options that require zero additional manipulation of slides or data in external platforms, including: directing stakeholders to live dashboards in ServiceNow, exporting high-fidelity PowerPoints and automated email push alerts!

Unleash the power of agile ServiceNow reporting!

We'd love to show you how you can save time and automate your operational reporting. Schedule a time for a personalized demo or check out our VividHub to explore on your own!