March 25, 2019


With VividCharts, CBTS was able to increase their portal adoption rates.

Panel Experts

Pedro Soto
Senior Manager
Westbury Analytics
Pedro Soto
Senior Manager
Westbury Analytics
Pedro Soto
Senior Manager
Westbury Analytics

The Customer

CBTS is a leading technology provider to enterprises in all industries, including dozens of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies. What sets them apart is the agility, flexible delivery models, and client focus of a smaller company coupled with the ability to deliver the resources, scale, and capabilities required by large organizations. With over 800 certified engineers and locations across North America and the UK, CBTS offers outstanding expertise in transforming business operations.

The Problem

CBTS found that since they weren’t leveraging a customer-facing portal, they were experiencing too many calls to their Service Desk.It was critical to CBTS to offer a better self-service customer experience to reduce their call volume while also giving their customers the tools to get what they need exactly when they need it.

Along with this, CBTS also needed to create visibility and clarity into the service they were providing to their customers. CBTS found that they were spending a significant amount of time pulling data manually for a given customer whenever the customer asked for specific metrics.

The Solution

CBTS determined that they needed to implement a Service Portal that would allow customers to get everything they needed in an easy-to-use and modern format. CBTS decided to approach this portal build with data accessibility as a top priority; this is where VividCharts fit in. Leveraging VividCharts within their customer facing Service Portal, CBTS offered high-level customer insights directly on their landing page that seamlessly matched the look and feel of the rest of their portal. Along with the landing page,CBTS provided the ability for their customers to click into more detailed report pages.

"Since implementing VividCharts we have seen a steady growth in Customer self service. VividCharts has reduced requests to the Service Desk for status updates, decreasing unsanctionable effort."

- Keith Talbot, Director of Service Management

The Implementation Process

CBTS worked with their implementation partner, CloudPires, to design and implement this customer-facing portal. CBTS had a clear vision of the data they needed to get in front of their customers and CloudPires had the VividCharts implementation expertise to make it happen.

The Results

After implementing their new Service Portal and VividCharts, CBTS experienced immediate positive results on the user adoption front: there was a 120% increase in self-service usage within the first 3 months of implementation. Coinciding with the increased self service usage, CBTS has experienced additional time-savings by not having to pull manual reports for customers as frequently.CBTS continues to see additional activity on the portal daily, with no increase to ticket volume. This shows that users are frequently going to the portal for self-service reporting, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

  • 120% increase in self-service adoption in first 3 months
  • Time-savings from reduced manual reporting efforts

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