Abstract illustration of ITBM VividPacks dashboard.

The project status report you’ve been looking for is finally here.

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Abstract illustration of ITBM VividPacks dashboard.

Increase efficiency for Project Managers with automatic creation and distribution. Deliver value to stakeholders with multiple configurable formats.

Transform project status reporting into a strategic asset for your PMO.

Flexible Status Report Designer

Easily design your own status report layout, branding, and visuals. Re-create your one page template, and let VividCharts automate the rest.

Enable Different Types of Status Reports

Deliver the right level of detail to the right stakeholder, with the option to create multiple status reports types.

Easy and Efficient for Project Managers

Gain efficiency for Project Managers with an engine that automatically generates precisely formatted status reports.

Distribute to Non-fulfiller Users

Export to PDF or PPTX in a click, or provide a personalized portal for non-fulfiller stakeholders to self-serve status reports.

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