VividCharts Virtual User Group Q4 2020

A custom chart workshop from VividCharts, plus learn how Intuit and W&S are leveraging VividCharts for their businesses.


00:00 Robert Fedoruk - Introductions - VividCharts CXO

01:50 Buckley Perkes from Intuit shows how he built the Front Line Hub, a one stop shop for Directors to easily navigate to any of their front line support dashboards.

14:10 Ryan Klein of W&S walks through how he learned to build custom charts and embedded scores with VividCharts, sharing a few tangible examples so you can learn even quicker than he did.

43:52 Mitch Stutler from VividCharts leads a Custom Chart Workshop showing you the Anatomy of a Chart, so you can learn to develop your own custom charts with VividCharts.

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