How to Win at Now Intelligence with Raymond James

If your company has made the investment in ITSM Pro licenses from ServiceNow, you’re probably facing the pressure to drive adoption for the additional capabilities. It’s understandable. The investment has been made, and now companies want to see their return on that investment.
April 21, 2021

In this webinar you’ll learn the key concepts that will help you tap into the power of Virtual Agent, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning already available in your Pro License:

  • The 3 key questions you must answer to maximize the ROI from Now Intelligence
  • How to get unprecedented improvements from small, agile projects with immediate ROI activation before launching into large-scale improvement initiatives
  • Why Now Intelligence can deliver head-spinning cost reductions with ZERO process re-engineering efforts (Hint: The AI and ML do all the heavy lifting for you, making you look like a hero to your management.)

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