Healthcare Industry PMO Levels Up ServiceNow Reporting

How the Product Management Team at Novant Health Returned 270+ Hours per Month in Productivity with VividCharts.
November 18, 2021

Creating world class reporting in the healthcare industry.

How the Product Management Team at Novant Health Returned 270+ Hours per Month in Productivity with VividCharts.

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  • How Novant transitioned from project based management to product based management.
  • How Novant Health saved 270+ hours per month throughout its directors and teams – and how you can, too.
  • How VividCharts helps you build reports that fit the "world class look" your company strives for.
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About Novant Health

We are an integrated system of physician practices, hospitals, outpatient centers, and more – each element committed to delivering a remarkable healthcare experience for you and your family. With world-class technology, personal connections, and care that’s easier to access and understand, Novant Health is with you every step of the way on your journey to health and wellness.

Novant and ServiceNow

As part of the IT PMO’s maturity, we implemented ServiceNow ITBM in 2017 to unify and strengthen PPM processes.

This brought a wealth of data into a single place for Novant to take advantage of.

Novant’s Journey from Project Management to Product Management

As a large enterprise Novant decided that product management was a better fit.

  • While traditionally being a project management team, around 3 years ago Novant took the turn to product management and used ServiceNow as a management tool for various projects.
  • Novant’s Digital Solutions Group is comprised of 11 teams each with 7-8 members each.  This includes multiple developers, a product owner/manager and a SCRUM master.
  • The tech stack changed, but the high level product information and communications remained in ServiceNow.
  • Reporting needed to be a key communication layer throughout this organizational change.

Status Reports and the Personas Involved

Status Reports are a critical communication tool for alignment and visibility across Novant Health.

Product Owners:

-Manage day to day ops 

-Own the weekly high level status update

Product Directors:

-Can have several Product Owners supporting their Program with dotted-line reporting to the Product Director

-Own strategic direction of programs and product portfolio


-Healthcare Providers, Marketing, Finance, etc.

-Rely on multiple products for their business function

Before and After Implementation at Novant Health chart

|"And so we developed it and began doing our way, our methodology, for status reports and how we communicated out. Well, directors in other areas heard about it, they wanted a demo, and it was easy for me to partner with them."

VividCharts's reporting platform makes implementations like these seamless and provides a level of detail in ServiceNow that you can't get anywhere else!

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