Welcome to Real-Time!

What is Real-Time?

Real-Time is a free interactive digital event hosted by VividCharts designed to inform and entertain stakeholders in the ServiceNow ecosystem.


This October 12th (for the very first time!) join VividCharts and our brightest friends from the industry and beyond as we foster community, learning and real-time feedback on the future of ServiceNow reporting.

We'll be hosting sessions live from 11am EST/8am PST through 5pm EST/2pm PST.

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We'll be breaking down barriers to free your ServiceNow data - exploring best practices for data operations, tech stack and Automated Operational Reporting (AOR).

Expect a broad selection of sessions with exciting guest speakers, one-of-a-kind SWAG and giveaways, a virtual happy hour and so much more!

Who should attend?

Featuring three different tracks—Technical, Process, Strategic—appropriate for ServiceNow stakeholders at all level of your organization. Learn from industry experts how to make your ServiceNow data operations best-in-class!

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