What is the Project Status App?

The Project Status App delivers an end-to-end solution to fully automate the gen-eration, distribution, and presentation of executive quality project status reports.It helps align every step in the reporting process to ensure high quality data with aconsistent format that’s easy to access.

Why Use It?

What makes project status reporting so challenging?

  • You’ve made a significant investment in the ServiceNow platform. The volume and types of data flowing through the platform are rapidly growing. New customer groups and stakeholders are demanding visibility into the data, all with different needs and expectations on reporting and data presentation formats.

  • How do you deliver that visibility in modern business presentation formats without sacrificing data integrity and security?

  • The VividCharts Data Engagement Platform is Built on Now, making it entirely native to ServiceNow. So, there’s no need to take the time and risk of leaving the platform to get your data in the visual format your audience needs.

The VividCharts Project Status App provides the visuals, styling, and engagement so that your hard work is more visual and visible.Making your team even more valuable. Here’s what it offers to helpyou meet the needs of every stakeholder and business recipient:

Project Status Summary Pages: Your fully configurable home base for all things project status. Build as many summaries as your organization needs.
Self-Service Filter Configuration: Specifying your own custom filters is easy and automated/automatic with our guided setup.
Summary Cards: Select any of our out-of-the-box summary card designs, or create your own.
Status Report Designs: You want specific data points, a concise layout, and executive quality branding. Pick from our library of designs, or design your own.
Premium Project Visuals: We provide a library of project management visuals to support concise updates and multiple layouts. Which allows you to modify and generate the perfect branded layout.
Export to PPT & PDF: One click to export single status reports. Export as many as you wantas a bundle.
Chart Library: Imagine every stakeholder gets one email, once a week, with every project that matters to them - fully automated and delivered.
Filters: Cut through the clutter with our wide range of dynamic drop down, text search, and date range filters
Email Automation: Many of your charts are basic and used routinely. We give you a library of 100+ pre-configured charts that are purpose-built and fresh OOTB.
Frictionless Sharing: No need to buy ServiceNow licenses for every stakeholder, sharing status reports with VividCharts reaches them all.

The Data Engagement Platform Standard:

  • Ultimate Data Accuracy:
    VividCharts shows real ServiceNow data so all Project Managers have to do is submit their status report in ServiceNow and Vivid-Charts handles the rest.

  • Click Through Analysis:
    The next level of detail is always one click away.

  • Real-Time Always Available:
    24/7/365 data from any location, with any device, to any authorized recipient.

  • Increase the Value of your ServiceNow Investment:
    Get more out of your ServiceNow investment with greater adoption,visibility, and a better user experience.
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