Introducing the Demand Acceleration App, powered by VividCharts.

Why Use It?Demand Acceleration App by VividCharts example

The Demand Acceleration App adds visibility, simplification, and efficiency to every aspect of your demand process.

Now, you can fully automate the generation, distribution, and presentation of executive-quality business case reviews. You’ll be able to provide easy access and visibility to key stakeholders on the status of all demands—and the overall demand pipeline for each business unit. No ServiceNow license needed.

Showcase your current ServiceNow demand data by automatically turning it into simple, compelling business cases ready for review and approval. And there’s no need to leave the ServiceNow platform to build a graphic representation of your demands in PowerPoint.

What makes demand reporting so demanding?

  • Data is scattered across various menus and related lists:
    Right now, there is no single place to see all the data points necessary to quickly evaluate a demand for approval. Users have to click through various ServiceNow menus and related lists to see all pertinent data or copy and paste the data into PowerPoint for a presentable, summarized view.

  • Lack of visuals to summarize individual demands, or the state of the overall pipeline:
    Demands are constantly submitted, updated, and ready for approval. So, there is a need to visualize both individual demands, and the state of the overall pipeline. ServiceNow does not provide the full suite of visuals necessary to achieve both.

  • Stakeholders in the business likely do not have licensed access to ServiceNow:
    Demand managers and others involved in the shaping and approval process likely have full licensed access to ServiceNow—but the business users who submitted the demand may not be on the platform. This creates a lack of visibility. Leaving you to manually copy and paste data into an outside app like PowerPoint. Which takes up valuable time and runs the risk of losing proprietary data.

The VividCharts Demand Acceleration App provides the visuals, styling, and engagement so that your stakeholders are informed. Build trust in the process, and strengthen partnerships with greater visibility, better communication, and higher integrity data. Here’s what the Demand Acceleration App offers to help you meet the needs of every stakeholder and business recipient:

Demand Summary Pages: Your home base for viewing single demand 1-pagers. Or bundling all of the demands into a single slide deck for the approval meeting.
Self-Service Filter Configuration: Specifying your own custom filters is easy and automated/automatic with our guided setup.
Summary Cards: Select any of our out-of-the-box summary card designs, or create your own.
Demand 1-Pager Report Designs: You want specific data points, a concise layout, and executive quality branding. Pick from our library of designs, or design your own.
Premium Demand Visuals: We provide a library of project management visuals to support concise updates and multiple layouts. Which allows you to modify and generate the perfect branded layout.
Export to PPT & PDF: One click to export single status reports. Export as many as you wantas a bundle.
Email Automation: Imagine every stakeholder gets one email, once a week, with every demand that matters to them—fully automated and delivered.
Frictionless Sharing: No need to buy ServiceNow licenses for every stakeholder, sharing status reports with VividCharts reaches them all.

The Data Engagement Platform Standard

Ultimate Data Accuracy: VividCharts shows real ServiceNow data so all BA’s and Demands Managers have to do is input high quality data into ServiceNow and VividCharts handles the rest.
Click Through Analysis: The next levelof detail is always one click away.
Real-Time Always Available: 24/7/365data from any location, with any device, to any authorized recipient.
Increase the value of your ServiceNow investment: Get more out of your ServiceNow investment with greater adoption, visibility, and a better user experience.
The Data Engagement Platform Standard
Consistently deliver efficiency and quality foryour Business Analysts, Demand Managers, andkey stakeholders with VividCharts. Make de-mand management less demanding today:
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