Great Reporting is Good for Business

The new and improved in-platform ServiceNow reporting interface from VividCharts. Our Data Engagement Platform puts stunning ServiceNow data visualization on the map and at your fingertips.

Screenshot of the VividCharts freeform editor similar to PowerPoint in ServiceNow

The foundation our apps are built on.

Our platform was built with users in mind: easy-to-navigate & a lightweight addition to your tech stack.

Screenshot of VividCharts Summary feature in ServiceNow

Empowers you to build on your own.

We give you flexibility to manipulate your ServiceNow data without having to export to another program.

Screenshot of the VividCharts freeform editor with the chart style menu open similar to PowerPoint in ServiceNow

It all starts with our intuitive framework.

The engine with which all the VividCharts apps are built, the new DEP is an elegant solution to wasted productivity spent exporting and formatting your vital ServiceNow business reports.

We know the ServiceNow investment is huge - installing any new cross-functional software platform requires a Herculean amount of change management endurance, both for the rollout team and the new users.

Supplementing your instance with the VividCharts Data Engagement Platform will make ServiceNow even stickier with users, allowing them to create powerful and repeatable reports that excel at managing up.

The best part? We’ve already done all the hard work for you - get impactful templates right out of the box with one of our revolutionary reporting apps, each designed to solve a specific problem for common use cases.

Platform features that look as good as they work.

The VividCharts Data Engagement Platform is loaded with features and functionality that let you create Views into your ServiceNow data without taking the data anywhere.

Screenshot of the VividCharts freeform editor similar to PowerPoint in ServiceNow

Freeform Editor

Our Editor gives you a new way to build reports in ServiceNow. The UI is a flexible, drag-and-drop, no-code or pro-code experience to create dashboards and slide decks in ServiceNow.

To accomplish this without VividCharts you have to export your data to an external tool. Worst and most common cases: manual manipulation in PowerPoint or Excel.

Polished Viewer Experience

The most important (and most overlooked) part of any data workflow is the viewer experience for your stakeholders.

We've got you covered - our Viewer allows you to present branded, high-quality dashboards and slide decks to your teammates and leadership directly in your ServiceNow instance. Because it's in ServiceNow, the data is always live and accessible. PowerPoint is now optional, not required.

Screenshot of the VividCharts viewer with the slide menu open similar to PowerPoint in ServiceNow
Screenshot of the VividCharts home page with features to organize your ServiceNow reports

Data Organization

No one reads everything in ServiceNow. Why aren't you giving your team curated Collections of reports and dashboards?

VividCharts offers a way to logically organize data for your stakeholders. If you're still using ServiceNow out-of-the-box reporting you can also link to those reports and dashboards in your Collections.


Summaries allows you to deliver specific and dynamic sets of records that are tied to dashboard views for the individual records.

Want to deliver a list of this year's major incidents, but then drill down into a dashboard in ServiceNow for a specific major incident? You can easily do that here.

Screenshot of VividCharts Summary feature in ServiceNow
Screenshot of the VividCharts editor highlighting the extensive and flexible chart library in ServiceNow

Flexible Chart Library

Where it all started. Our founders realized ServiceNow customers didn't have the reporting flexibility needed to keep their data where they wanted: in-platform.

We built our extensive chart library from the ground up to provide you with the most design control possible. This chart library gives ease of use to no-code builders, but also opens the door to pro-code reporters.

High-fidelity Exports

We know that hard file reporting is a thorn in your side when trying to drive ServiceNow platform adoption. But there are times when you can't avoid it.

In the scenarios where you absolutely must have a hard file, we want to automate your data workflow to make it as simple as possible. Any of our in-platform dashboards and slide decks can be exported to PowerPoint or PDF in a true-to-form format.

Screenshot of VividCharts exporting a ServiceNow in-platform slide deck to PowerPoint or PDF
Screenshot of the VividCharts freeform editor similar to PowerPoint in ServiceNow