Manage Projects, Not Reporting

Introducing the new ServiceNow SPM reporting app from VividCharts - the Project Status Hub for the PMO organization leveraging ServiceNow.


Saves on average over 5,000 hours of manual reporting by your PMO resources annually.


Native to the ServiceNow platform which incentivizes platform growth & user adoption.


Allows you to easily evangelize your PMO work to the C-suite & other key decision makers.

A project reporting tool you'll actually want to use.

We know that ServiceNow project status reporting is a time suck. It takes you away from crucial project activities that actually drive the business forward! But managing stakeholder expectations and getting executive buy-in are, unfortunately, important parts of the job.

So how do you balance the need for streamlined, informative project reporting with all your other project work?

VividCharts drew on their deep understanding of the ServiceNow ecosystem to build the innovative Project Status Hub - an in-platform ServiceNow reporting tool that will make your project reporting cadence the easiest part of managing a project. Pull data from any area of your project record and serve it up in the format you want - set that format once and it will always be available when you need it (with live data).

What makes VividCharts unique is that we keep your data where you want it - in ServiceNow - while enabling status updates in a digestible format. Stakeholders at all levels of the organization will love the convenience, clarity and standardization of a VividCharts 1-page project summary or status report!

“VividCharts gave us an opportunity to build a comprehensive status report and to look at everything in ServiceNow as a data element that can be captured, configured and presented in a visually pleasing and branded way for Teradata.”

Christina Williams
PMO Director - Information Technology & Procurement

"The interface is amazing and the support is top notch. The support site is clear and easy to understand."

ServiceNow Services Partner

"Since implementing VividCharts we have seen a steady growth in Customer self-service. VividCharts has reduced requests to the Service Desk for status updates, decreasing unsanctionable effort."

Eleanor Pena
Director of Service Management
Technology Provider

"VividCharts is allowing us to publish beautiful real-time dashboards and presentations in ServiceNow. This is saving us significant energy extracting the data just to make it pretty for executive presentations while at the same time allowing us to have up to date information whenever it is requested."

ServiceNow Development Lead
Major US Airline
Screenshot of the VividCharts freeform editor similar to PowerPoint in ServiceNow