Program Status Hub

Powerful program summary views you can set and forget.

Screenshot of VividCharts Program Status Hub Summary in ServiceNow

Core features that ship with Program Status Hub

It's not just a couple of pre-built dashboards. It's the solution that automates your entire status reporting workflow.

Screenshot of VividCharts Program Status Hub Summary in ServiceNow


Summaries allow you to deliver curated and dynamic sets of records that are tied to dashboard views for the individual status reports.

Want to deliver a list of status reports for active programs, but then drill down into a dashboard in ServiceNow for a specific status report? You can easily do that here.


The Program Status Hub comes with options to craft you organization's Program Status experience.

You can use one of our Card and View templates or build your own. You will have the branded one-pager or multi-slide status report of your dreams.

Screenshot of a program status dashboard template in VividCharts in the ServiceNow platform
Screenshot of the VividCharts editor highlighting the extensive and flexible chart library in ServiceNow

Chart Types

Program Status Hub comes with specialized chart types catered to your program management needs.

We know that plain, vanilla chart types won't cut it for what your stakeholders expect.

Final Delivery

Curate the list of program status reports each stakeholder sees. You can even select and package up specific programs on the fly.

Deliver these sets of status reports directly in your ServiceNow instance or export them all with a single click to PDF or PowerPoint.

Screenshot of VividCharts exporting a program status dashboard to PowerPoint or PDF in ServiceNow
Screenshot of the VividCharts freeform editor similar to PowerPoint in ServiceNow