Track Major Incident Volume, Trends & Impact

Introducing the new Major Incident Hub from VividCharts - identify trends and eliminate more root causes with streamlined data visualizations.


Summarize impact of major incidents & serve up to IT stakeholders.


Template incident reports with specific KPI's.


Scale incident summaries for exec report outs.

Provide IT stakeholders at all levels of the organization insight into major incident trending and resolution.

A major incident requires all hands on deck and a tremendous sense of urgency - but how are you analyzing trends over time?

We know that the KPIs surrounding major incidents vary from organization to organization, but we don’t want you to settle for ServiceNow reporting that requires lots of manual manipulation external to the platform.

VividCharts is the in-platform reporting tool that allows you to template your most critical business reports for a variety of audiences - reports that pull directly from live data in the platform. Everything in the editor is fully configurable from the data shown, the styling and aesthetics.

The best part? No code required!

Our new Major Incident Hub is built utilizing our one-of-a-kind Data Engagement Platform that sits on top of your ServiceNow instance. The app allows you to build from researched templates that ship with the product or start from scratch using our intuitive slide editor (no exporting to PPT required).

In addition, seamlessly tie reports and records together in our summary views to produce full slide decks that can be reviewed in the platform!

What makes VividCharts unique is that we keep your data where you want it - in ServiceNow - while enabling status updates in a digestible format. 

While your data is always live, you can easily export your reports to PowerPoint or PDF for seamless distribution with the click of a button.

"Since implementing VividCharts we have seen a steady growth in Customer self-service. VividCharts has reduced requests to the Service Desk for status updates, decreasing unsanctionable effort."

Eleanor Pena
Director of Service Management
Technology Provider

“VividCharts gave us an opportunity to build a comprehensive status report and to look at everything in ServiceNow as a data element that can be captured, configured and presented in a visually pleasing and branded way for Teradata.”

Christina Williams
PMO Director - Information Technology & Procurement

"VividCharts is allowing us to publish beautiful real-time dashboards and presentations in ServiceNow. This is saving us significant energy extracting the data just to make it pretty for executive presentations while at the same time allowing us to have up to date information whenever it is requested."

ServiceNow Development Lead
Major US Airline

"The interface is amazing and the support is top notch. The support site is clear and easy to understand."

ServiceNow Services Partner

Core features that ship with Major Incident Hub

It's not just a couple of pre-built dashboards. It's the solution that automates your entire reporting workflow.

Screenshot of VividCharts Project Status Hub Summary in ServiceNow


Summaries allows you to deliver specific and dynamic sets of records that are tied to dashboard views for the individual records.

Want to deliver a list of major incidents in a given timeframe, but then drill down into a dashboard for a specific incident? You can easily do that here.

Executive Deck Template

We've helped other organizations establish executive report cadences around major incident trending and resolution performance and we're excited to pass those learnings on to you!

The Major Incident Hub comes pre-loaded with a tried and true executive report template to get you started without having to build from scratch.

Screenshot of a project status dashboard template in VividCharts in the ServiceNow platform
Screenshot of the VividCharts editor highlighting the extensive and flexible chart library in ServiceNow

Branding Ability

When you need your reports branded to your company aesthetic, you won't need to export data and manipulate in PowerPoint - you can do that all right in our intuitive slide editor, directly in ServiceNow.

Get full control over colors, fonts and chart types with a no code experience.

Final Delivery

Curate the list of  major incidents each group of stakeholders  see. You can even select and package up specific incidents on the fly.

Deliver these sets of incident reports directly in your ServiceNow instance or export them all with a single click to PDF or PowerPoint.

Screenshot of VividCharts exporting a ServiceNow in-platform project status report to PowerPoint or PDF
Screenshot of the VividCharts freeform editor similar to PowerPoint in ServiceNow