Demand Review Made Painless

Introducing the Demand Review Hub by VividCharts - a first of its kind in-platform reporting tool that allows ServiceNow enterprise customers to easily weigh incoming demand requests against on-going operations and portfolio work.


Enhances stakeholder visibility of incoming demand in ServiceNow.


Facilitates steering committee conversations around demand priority.


Enables rollup of 100s of records into standardized format.

“I have all the resources I need to meet every demand that comes in via ServiceNow.”

Said no Portfolio Manager ever.

As a portfolio manager your life is essentially a set of spinning plates - balancing risk, budget, scope and precious personnel resources while also keeping all stakeholders informed and bought in can feel overwhelming. So what if your reporting was automated, formatted and live? You’d have one less plate to keep in the air and better business outcomes!

The Demand Review Hub created by VividCharts allows you to configure your demand review templates with only the information you and your most valuable stakeholders need.

Easily modified and branded with your company colors, set your format once and get all your demand reporting in a standardized 1-slide template that will make critical decisions around prioritizing your demand pipeline a cinch.

Want to be best friends with your C-suite? Clean up your demand pipeline reporting and claim that golden child status.

Even better than clout? Live, in-platform reporting capability that allows for real-time updates and drives ServiceNow user adoption and data governance. (Don’t worry, you can still export to PowerPoint for those stakeholders who refuse to try new things.)

“VividCharts gave us an opportunity to build a comprehensive status report and to look at everything in ServiceNow as a data element that can be captured, configured and presented in a visually pleasing and branded way for Teradata.”

Christina Williams
PMO Director - Information Technology & Procurement

"The interface is amazing and the support is top notch. The support site is clear and easy to understand."

ServiceNow Services Partner

"Since implementing VividCharts we have seen a steady growth in Customer self-service. VividCharts has reduced requests to the Service Desk for status updates, decreasing unsanctionable effort."

Director of Service Management
Technology Provider

"VividCharts is allowing us to publish beautiful real-time dashboards and presentations in ServiceNow. This is saving us significant energy extracting the data just to make it pretty for executive presentations while at the same time allowing us to have up to date information whenever it is requested."

ServiceNow Development Lead
Major US Airline
Screenshot of the VividCharts freeform editor similar to PowerPoint in ServiceNow